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Monday, November 10, 2008

Tabletop Fountains – Small Space, Big Pleasure

Tabletop fountains are ideal to enhance your décor both indoors and outdoors. Apart from being great showpieces, they also make the perfect gift for special occasions. The best thing about tabletop water fountains is that they are very easy to clean and maintain. Battery operated table top fountains do away with the hassle of having to clean build up of algae in the fountain. All you need to do with these fountains is simply change the water periodically and keep them free from dust. Indoor tabletop fountain are a pleasure to look at, especially if you have one on your desktop.

Tabletop fountains are available in a variety of materials like slate, ceramic, marble, bamboo, copper, stone, wood, etc. Slate is stylish and each of these fountains are unique. Natural slate fountains come in variations of red, black and green shades. Available in a wide range of sizes they look great on the table at home, office, and in the large lobbies of hotels.

Aqueduct tabletop fountains look striking and transform a bare space into a beautiful one. These tiered fountains look charming. The base of these fountains is arranged with natural smooth stones over which the water flows down the tier levels.

If you plan to go in for a ceramic fountain choose one that has some natural elements as well like bamboo, wood, etc. for a nice balanced look. Often you will find these fountains used at health centers and by yoga practitioners for a soothing and relaxed ambience. Because of their portability some tabletop fountains can be moved around and placed where convenient.

Sizing Your Tabletop Fountain

Some of the important factors to consider when you set out to select the ideal fountain are size in terms of height and diameter and base space. You will need to choose a fountain that can be easily accommodated on the stand or table where you intend placing it. Take a good look at the fountain’s dimensions, and try placing something that is similar in size at the spot. It is always better to allow extra space in addition to the actual height required since some fountains tend to be uneven on top.

Fountains At The Workplace

The current trend is to have water features at the workplace to promote a more soothing ambience at work. Many offices have waterfall desktop fountains and are great for increasing productivity and morale of employees. Other ideal locations for tabletop fountains are hospitals where patients can experience the calming influence of flowing water and libraries where the sound of water fills the peaceful stillness. Copper tabletop fountain make interesting works of art wherever they are placed and fit into most types of décor.

If you are considering choosing a gift for a special occasion, consider an indoor tabletop fountain. These make great anniversary, housewarming and wedding gifts. The battery-operated fountains can change a boring corner in the home into a center of attention. Many families enjoy adding mementoes from vacations on the beach to their tabletop fountains to personalize them and preserve their memories.

Thus, tabletop fountains are great to add an element of relaxation to your space, while you enjoy the lovely sound of the trickling water.

By: Apurva

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Everything About Flower Varieties - Learn About Practical Advice Now

Flowers can represent different emotions, and even create or renew those that have faded from awareness to lift a person outlook; it is in nature's bounty for everyone to see the inherent beauty in existence.
There are a lot of flowers that can be considered beautiful of course, and more varieties still that are believed to be a problem in the maintenance of lawns and backgardens, all these plants share the commonality of being nature's own progression of itself. Now and then, flowers are seen as means by which to heal emotional wounds that may otherwise be made worse by saying the incorrect words, and it is these items that can come to be linked with the sentiment that many cannot otherwise materialize.

Nature represents where we are and what we live with, coexisting with nature is a complex thing, but with a little effort everyone can all see the magnificience inherent in all the things that nature has to provide. There are few other things that can symbolize this emotion more than flowers, but today we are riddled with publicities that point us in the direction of buying flowers to merely make an impression on others with our implied choice of emotional sentiment, a flower to brighten up the smile or to give to a suspect of romantic wishes. These are a few of the more common ideas that flit around in our contemporary world as known things that have protruded past the hardened surface of the world as we see it now, and all to produce images of pre fabricated sentiment to make our lives a little bit more a convenience.

Though this has not always been the truth of the situation, it surely has become that way in particular, and it is this prefabricated sentiment that we need to break free from. That is not to say that flowers given to a lovely companion may not signify unquestionable love, but this idea has so permeated the land of concrete and asphalt that we see day in and day out, that it can be sort of difficult to get past without aid from your own intuition. There is no resentment shown in the flower's plain beauty, but there is no need to make the flower symbolized anything that it has no need to, not everything in life is so simply assessed. onkeyup="cntWords(this,document.postform.c)">

By: Nathan Knightley
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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Landscape Design Is Artistry - Color Theory In Landscaping

When it comes to landscape design, we often mention the importance of choosing colors that complement each other. We can choose colors based on those we prefer, while also picking those that work well with each other, your home, and its surroundings. So, what are complementary colors? In truth, the term applies to colors that sit opposite from each other on the color wheel: the red and green of Christmas or the blue and yellow of sea and sand, etc. The term is somewhat misleading, however, as these tones are chosen for their vibrant contrast and their ability to highlight.

For instance, if you have a few lovely yellow roses, some blue lobelias will make the roses stand out. Again, too much of a good thing to this regard can create a cluttered feel, so use these contrasts sparingly or to lead the eye to certain focal points. For most of your garden areas, complementary colors should mean a pleasing blend of tones that don't overwhelm but, instead… well… complement each other. The technical term for these? Analogous colors – that is, colors that are close to each other on the color wheel, such as red, pink, white or green, blue, purple. Analogous colors provide a sense of harmony and bring your landscape together. Imagine a small pond with a few green junipers and purple irises and you get the idea.

One is wise to consider warm versus cool tones as well. Warm tones, such as red, orange, and yellow, provide a bit of flair and give your landscape some ‘pop', make it come alive. Fast-food chains implement these colors for that very reason. Cool tones, such as blue, purple, and green instill a more serene feel – that's why forests, lakes, and the ocean are what we often seek when we need to relax. Neutral tones, such as tan, cream, and brown are exactly that: neutral – they leave room in the landscape for the warm to energize and the cool to soothe. If you have a cream colored house, your task is easy. Yet, if you have a purple garage next to it, you can still create a pleasing landscape, too – simply remember your goals and your color wheel.

In the art world, there is another term that comes into play. It is saturation. As with the amount of plantings or garden beds, too little and your landscape can seem sparse; too much and it becomes unsettling. With color saturation, as with most facets of gardening, a nice balance is best. So after choosing your color pallet and plantings, it's always easiest and more economical to start with a few and add more later if needed.
By: Steve Boulden

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Kitchen Designer Brooklyn For The Contemporary Look Of Your Kitchen

Having modular kitchens is one of the greatest ways to put a touch of exceptional style to your house. It not only makes the décor of the kitchen look elegant but the available area is also utilized in an adequate manner. Futuristic furnishes, appliances, compact designs and extra storage space are all merged in order to endow you with a kitchen designer Brooklyn. Features to add in your kitchen .

Kitchen designer Brooklyn includes pull down racks, warming drawers, wall mounted cups and cutlery holders and various ideas like this are incorporated for maximizing the design. However, the functionality of the kitchen is also not ignored. Kitchens generally have different small things, which make them look like an absolute mess.Nevertheless, installing the kitchen cabinets is an excellent idea so as to keep everything looks clutter free and organized. You might select from the see through cabinets that have glass doors or simple cabinets with wooden finish. At the time of deciding the place where the cabinet has to be fitted in, always ensure to take the correct measurements. Arrange your kitchen in an organized manner Minimalist idea of the interior decoration is excellent particularly when it comes to décor of the kitchen. This means that things that are of use should only be available inside the kitchen. A clutter free and simple look adds onto the modern-day design of the kitchen designer Brooklyn. Besides, the colors that are used on the cabinets as well as appliances or the wall paints must also be subdued. You may try out colors like brown, yellow or metallic. Such subdued colors add to the overall enhanced appearance of the kitchen. You may further combine these colors different bright colors such as red or electric blue. In addition, it is vital to consider that it is every time feasible to use light color shades if the area of the kitchen is less. Pastel colors might also be employed in order to make the kitchen look more spacious. Light and bright your kitchen Another essential consideration that must be kept in mind is the lightning of the kitchen. Directional lynching lights placed in the cone of metal is a nice option for the lightning of the kitchen. Nonetheless, one should note that the inside lights of the kitchen must never be negotiated for enhancing the facet of style in the kitchen. Since the lack of adequate light inside it can lead to some serious mishaps. Add floor to your kitchen The next necessary thing is the flooring of the kitchen. Ingeniously designed ceramic and linoleum tiles are the most affordable solution to include in your modular kitchen. The concrete floors, which have granite and linear designs, add to the beauty of the kitchen even more. However, they are a little expensive. Also, in case you have a small sized kitchen, you might make it look more spacious by eliminating the small distinctions and walls inside it that separates different sections. Once the décor of your kitchen is all done then you can place your microwaves and multiprocessor to give your cooking area an entire new look. Therefore, if you are interested in renovating or remodeling your cooking completely and prepare food in a modish way, you can certainly opt for the services offered by kitchen designer Brooklyn over the net. Avail contemporary kitchen with a simple click You might brief the service provider regarding your budget and preferences and they will take on the job of remodeling and designing your kitchen almost immediately. You can give thoughts and imaginations to the professionals in order to get the desired look for your kitchen. Thus, do not delay remodeling of your kitchen any longer and start clicking. Assume how great it will be to cook in an organized and clutter free contemporary kitchen? It would certainly be a paradise of your abode.

By: James Peligrino
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Top 10 Types Of Flooring To Use Inside Your Home

The choice of materials to use for your floor, whether you are renovating or building anew, is a very important one. Not only are there the usual considerations of quality and durability, you must also think about aesthetics such as color, texture and pattern.In addition, the “feel” of different flooring materials will also influence your choice. Your lifestyle, as well as family size and composition, must come into the equation, too. With these factors in mind, you are ready to consider the top ten types of flooring to use inside your home.

1. Hardwood is a perennial favorite and very popular for living rooms, dining rooms and other areas that are low in moisture, wood’s primary enemy in home environments. Hardwood flooring comes in many attractive colors across a great range of wood species, with a variety of grains and possible surface treatments (wet look, dry look, etc.).2. Cork is a choice that is gaining ground for kitchens and other areas where the residents are on their feet a lot. Cork offers soft, supple support and has the additional advantage of being environmentally friendly.3. Ceramic tile is long lasting, tough and available in many colors and sizes. Often used in bathrooms and kitchens, some home styles (Southwestern, adobe, ranch) are also amenable to its broader use throughout the residence. Tile is one of the materials that can be used on walls, too, opening up additional design and construction possibilities.4. Laminate floors give the look of hardwood, and various other flooring materials, without the cost. The latest technology essentially produces sheet material with a “picture” of hardwood on its surface, to create the appearance of the preferred (and much pricier) wood.5. Linoleum has proven itself over the years to be a low-maintenance option for kitchens and other high-traffic rooms. Unlike its vinyl counterpart, linoleum uses all natural materials, and can be installed as tiles or large, rolled sheets.6. Bamboo, yet another environmentally friendly wood option, results in floors that are known for being incredibly strong and durable. The warm, natural feel of bamboo can add a stylish finish to any room.7. Wall-to-wall carpet remains an attractive, practical choice for bedrooms and playrooms, literally imparting a "soft landing" quality to floors. With an almost endless variety of choices in both material and color, carpeting can always be made to suit a home’s construction style or décor.8. Area rugs are, technically speaking, a secondary type of flooring, adding color on top of hardwood or giving comfort in areas like the kitchen, where tougher materials may be hard to stand on for long periods. In addition, area rugs can be important decorative elements in a room, or even a hallway.9. Marble is the height of luxury. Marble flooring is made from natural stone, which means that it is hypoallergenic and moisture resistant when properly sealed. It will not emit any toxic chemicals or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into your home.10. Artistic materials, like leather or brick, give an entirely different feel to a home. Some companies are even offering leather flooring for areas like media rooms, or brick for decorative walkways through the interior of the home.The choices are broad enough to give the renovator or homebuilder a huge palette of colors and textures to work with. When seen as an integral part of the home (re)design, the choice of flooring material becomes more and more important.Since it is among the more labor-intensive parts of a home construction or renovation plan, flooring should be decided on carefully. Repainting a room after a bad color choice is a whole lot easier than replacing a floor that not enough thought went into. Take your time, make a good decision and then be prepared to live with it. If you are careful and thorough in your decision, you will doubtless have many years of enjoyment from your new flooring.
By: Mark Bordo

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Storck, The Rouge Garden Gnome

by: The Gnome Keeper

It started innocently enough. I was shuffling aimlessly through Marc’s garden center, surrounded by baby tomato plants and the occasional faint whiff of bagged manure. Off in the corner, looking ignored and abandoned, was a very lifelike statue of a garden gnome. The sad, dust filled eyes attracted me, and soon there was a bubble-gum popping sales associate telling me his name was “Storck”. She followed up with a practiced sales pitch, adding he was on sale for just half price because he was a returned item. Short, pudgy, and with a distinct air of arrogance, Storck found his way into my shopping basket, the back seat of my car, and after a short ride, to the front porch of my home.

I gave him a gentle spray with the garden hose, peeled off the price tag, and gave him a place of honor between some petunias and the wisteria. Satisfied, I trudged off to do some long ignored chores. During the night, Pixie the cat seemed agitated and on constant alert. This is not that unusual, she has a fixation for fireflies, but this was a crisp fall night. Not giving it much thought, I slumbered off to a fitful sleep.

The next morning, after spilling coffee on my t-shirt and slurping down some yummy oatmeal with raisins and almonds, I began the morning garden ritual. While watering the inpatients next to the house, I noticed some mortar between the bricks was missing, looking like it had been chiseled out. Weird. Pixie was pacing around, sniffing the ground, air, and looking generally annoyed. Hmmm. When I went around front, and stared in mild shock, as Storck the garden gnome had moved. He was on the other side of the petunias. Pixie hissed and had her tail hair in a bundle, it was obvious she did not like the gnome. I moved Storck back to where he was, and finished the day’s work.

That night I was awoken by a faint, but distinct, gnawing sound. I opened the door, let Pixie out, and pointed a flashlight in the general direction of the sound. Storck! I screamed. The garden gnome scurried around the corner of the house, Pixie hot on his tail. I scrambled and fumbled for my robe and slippers, noting it was 2:30am on the faint red clock. When I reached the front of the house, Pixie had Stock cornered, the garden gnome looking positively immobile, like the painted concrete statuary he is. But he had no time or place to hide the evidence, the mortar from between the bricks was stuck to his little painted teeth.

The next morning, I did what had to be done. After a half hour drive deep into the forest, there appeared a small cave in the side of a moss-covered hill. In the quite of the morning mist, I took Storck out of the box where I’d kept him sealed the rest of the night, and placed him in the mouth of the cave. Walking gingerly back to the car, watching over my tensed shoulder, Storck stared blankly, giving me the chills.

That was a year ago. To this day, Pixie the cat will occasionally stare intently into the forest, in the general direction where Storck was returned to the wild. Her hair will stand up, and I wonder what she senses.

So the next time you see a garden gnome awaiting adoption, just beware. It might be a good idea if you’ve got a cat first!

Try Ceremonial Drums For Unique Rustic Interior Design

by: Craig Chambers

gave my home that great, southwestern look by adding ceremonial drums to my rustic decor. I was so happy with the authentic, southwest style that the Native American drums brought to my home, that I started researching and reading about the history and the important role they play in Indigenous cultures. If you are like me, you have probably seen how significant ceremonial drums are to the Native culture but do not realize their importance in tribal ceremonies or how exactly they are used. Each tribe is unique in how they use ceremonial drums but one similarity between each tribe is that the Native drums are very symbolic and part of the main focus of the ceremony. Throughout my research, I have found that learning about these drums truly gives you a great appreciation of the Indigenous culture and their customs.

As you start reading about ceremonial drums, you will find it very interesting that the native people consider the ceremonial drum to be sacred. They are usually used in powwows, Shamanic ceremonies and honor ceremonies to call on the Spirits and to connect with their creator. It is believed that each drum holds a spirit and that the drum beat signifies the heart beat of Mother Nature. Since the drum is believed to connect the people with the spirit world and lead the a healer in helping his people, you will find that they are commonly used by the healers or Shaman to enter the mind state, known as the Shamanic journey, needed to connect with the Spirits.

Also, as you study the importance of ceremonial drums in today's culture, you will see that Native Indian drums have a significant role in the preservation of native tribes such as the Tarahumara. Making and selling these rustic style drums allows them to earn a living, by selling and trading their cultural hand crafts, and helps them extend the knowledge and traditions of their culture to those who buy them. The drum making knowledge, passed on from generation to generation in these tribes, teaches the drum makers how to create durable and long-lasting ceremonial drums with elements from the Earth and the environment around them such as pine wood and natural raw hide.

Today, Native drums are not only used in Indian ceremonies such as Native American drum groups and as Indian musical instruments, but they are also gaining popularity as pieces of decorative art, instruments used in school music classes and even as canvases for Native American art projects and Indian paintings. Some types of ceremonial drums are also used as southwest style furniture and Native American decor, such as the larger powwow drums and pedestal drums that are used as rustic tables. Today, it is very easy to buy these beautiful Native American ceremonial drums online and in stores that sell southwestern, western and rustic decor. However you decide to use your ceremonial drum, whether for drumming purposes or in home decorating, you will definitely be drawn to the simplistic charm and western style of ceremonial drums.